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Welcome to Kyle N. Scott, a unique website here for you to explore. Kyle has added such value to his life, and loves having the opportunity to share his journey and thoughts with the world. Read on and enjoy!

Welcome to Kyle N. Scott, a unique website here for you to explore. Kyle has added such value to his life, and loves having the opportunity to share his journey and thoughts with the world.
Read on and enjoy!

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Living in the World With Cerebral Palsy

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Readers' Thoughts

Welcome to the Readers' Thoughts section. This section is to allow readers to share their thoughts and expressions from your reading of the book. 

Feel free to write something that you may relate to, in regards to the topics mentioned in the book, and how you manage to push through your obstacles in life. If you just want to put down any of your personal thoughts, that will be great as well.

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Drawing Inspiration from Readers
What They're Saying?

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You wrote a very powerful memoir, Kyle. I enjoyed reading it. I feel like I've met you and your family after reading this book! I enjoyed learning about your thoughts and experience. You certainly have a lovely writing style that’s honest, funny, and easy to understand. This is an effortless read and your personality really shines through.

In addition to more visibility for people with disabilities, I appreciated learning about your perspective and the challenges of living with CP, especially since you convey your thoughts in a very clear, relatable manner. Beyond that, though, I appreciate how your memoir is truly about all your life experiences, and not always premised on CP—it shows how you are not wholly defined by a disability, even though it’s obviously a big part of your life. Finally, your thoughts on relationships and intimacy are especially interesting; this topic is still sometimes be seen as taboo and I was glad to see you adding your voice to the cultural conversation around sex and intimacy for people with disabilities.

I believe everyone who has a disability has a story to tell. I’m glad that you had the courage to share your story with everyone because not everyone is brave enough. People like you have the ability to teach others about your daily challenges to help others understand that just because you were born with a disability doesn't mean you can't have dreams and goals like everyone else. I hope this is only the beginning of your great adventure!

Bayley McCormick- BC, Canada

In A Split Second: Living in the World with Cerebral Palsy is a memoire written that allows the reader to be absorbed with the trials and adventures that Kyle faces through his life. He finds opportunities and solutions to overcome most of his obstacles, from the help and dedication from his parents, his teachers, family and friends who became apart to live a life of opportunities and not without. Anyone reading this book will learn to believe in themselves, take risks that can make you better, stronger and learn no failure is a failure but to look for another path to succeed. You will not be disappointed!

Pastor Margherita Jordan- ON, Canada

Kyle's memoir helped me understand more and more what he feels. This book showed me how he is better then normal, he is extraordinary and shows that anyone can do anything they want if they don't give up. I could not put this book down and often times found myself weeping. I wish I could change the world for you Kyle! Reading this book was eye opening and heartfelt. Kyle, you are an absolute gift to this world! Everyone will be spiritually richer after they read this beautiful memoir!

Domenica Mazepa- ON, Canada

An inspiring memoir about living with a disability.

Kyle speaks with honesty about the hurdles and the barriers he encounters living with a disability. Through his stories, Kyle shows us how to interact with those who, every day, see their disability reflected in the eyes of those they meet. Kyle is more than his disability. Reading his memoir, we discover who Kyle truly is - and we find inspiration in what he continues to overcome each and every day. This book is for everyone. See life through Kyle's eyes and, one reader at a time, we can begin to equip this world for those with disabilities.

Elizabeth Pietrantonio- ON, Canada

An insight on overcoming the obstacles of CP with humor, humility and determination 💚

From the start I was drawn into Kyle’s life story. He has a delightful, humble and humorous way of writing. Full of humility and determination and appreciation. So much insight into the obstacles of growing up with Cerebral Palsy.

Susan Manning-Georgia, USA

Well Kyle, an author is supposed to invoke several emotions in their readers to be considered a good book. You certainly did that! I laughed hysterically, I cried, I was inspired, I was left questioning myself. The raw honesty, you poured your soul into this I can see. I have more empathy for your struggles and extreme admiration for all your successes. I am amazed at your memory for detail in all your journeys you have been on. I loved all the antics with you and your dad. Learning more about you and your family was like a mini series. What will they be up to next? What mischief? I am so grateful and honoured to be in your book and be your friend. I did not want the book to end. There will be more chapters for you to write I am certain. I absolutely loved your poems . . . who knew, you wrote beautiful poetry . . . not me! 


Thank you my friend, for allowing me to be part of your journey.


Monique Langille- ON, Canada

A Outstanding Look into Someone Living with CP!

It is hard for me to describe how much I admire this book In A Split Second: Living in the World With Cerebral Palsy. The author tells the inspiring story of someone growing up and becoming an adult with Cerebral Palsy. As someone living with cerebral palsy, I am so impressed by Kyle's outlook on life. As a bestseller on, this is a must read for all. I congratulate Mr. Kyle Scott, you deserve it.

Amanda Forry-Fino- Virginia, USA
Author of Eternal Sunshine of the CP Gal’s Mind

We need more books like this!

The books covers what it's like to live with cerebral palsy and gives you a glimpse into the trials someone with a disability has to overcome and deal with. It really makes you think twice about those who have to live in a world built for the able-bodied, particularly when it comes to finding a job and love. We need more books like this that are honest and candid.

Anonymous- Canada

Honoured to read his story

Highly recommend! Kyle shares his lived experience with cerebral palsy; his approach to life's challenges and triumphs.

Julieann Lofthouse- ON, Canada

A must read!!

Kyle writes a memoir filled with inspiration, laughter and tears. Living in our world with cerebral palsy has posed some challenges in his life and he proudly talks about how he overcame the obstacles through a positive attitude and lives life to the fullest. A physical disability is just a word. He shares his life story and gives inspiration to those who struggle to adapt with either a physical challenge or mental challenge. A great read an inspiring author.

His humour is infectious and anyone would benefit in reading this book as it funny and can make you feel good about life through any trial or tribulation that you may face!👏👏👏👏👍👍👍

Nancy Awadh- ON, Canada

Fantastic read!!!

You just know Kyle is an incredible human being and through his writing you feel every bit of emotion and strength that has made up his life. I highly recommend this book and if we are lucky enough for him to write another, we will all be so very fortunate. Ten stars!

Shelley Paikin- ON, Canada


An enlightening memoir

In a Split Second is an inspiring book that tells about a life lived with cerebral palsy. Kyle Scott has such drive and determination that he outshines most people. He overcomes many obstacles with a beautiful smile, humour and courage.

Kyle takes us with him through his school years, sports, job search challenges, and his search for love, all along with his head held high. This book also offers many moments where I found myself “laughing out loud”. The antics and stories of Kyle and his father Colin were often hilarious and entertaining.

Kyle is blessed with a loving and supportive family, extended family, and many friends. My hope for those who read In a Split Second is that you may find the courage and determination to overcome your own challenges, as Kyle has, and continues to do.

Louisa B- ON, Canada



In A Split Second is a glorious achievement for its author Kyle N. Scott. Chronicling his life with cerebral palsy, Scott writes with humour and honesty and I felt myself seeing the world through his eyes on every page. Scott’s vivid childhood memories, laced with his self-deprecating humour and love of mischief had me engaged with every turn of the page, yet beneath the laughter there is a powerful undercurrent of grit, determination and strength as Scott reveals his experiences in life and the challenges he has faced as a person with cerebral palsy. 


It’s a rare gift when an author writes an autobiography that truly reveals their emotions, as Scott has done in In A Split Second. As an honest account of life with cerebral palsy, this book is unparalleled and everyone should read it, to either identify with or to better understand the disability. In this regard Scott bravely breaks down stigma. The added bonus is the chance to get to know and truly admire the author through the stories he tells about his family, his friends and his faith. 

Cool dude. Five stars. Highly recommend.

Lori Edwards- ON, Canada

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