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About The Author


Kyle is Ontario-born, given a life against all odds when diagnosed with a physical disability called Cerebral Palsy at the age of sixteen months. However, all the love and support from his village have made him a stronger person.  Kyle always has determination, has a never-give-up attitude, is able to show compassion, is patient with others and he sees the good in people even when they may not see it in themselves.  Kyle received his first nickname, “Spunky”, on the day he was born from his Grandma Scott because she knew that he was fighting for his life and like a hero from a fairy tale, he wasn’t going to give up. Cerebral Palsy changed Kyle’s life in so many ways, but he’s ultimately in control of his life.  Kyle has the steering wheel and he always does his best to navigate the road ahead.

Kyle is a very outgoing and sociable guy who devotes his time to family, friends and to meeting new people. Kyle graduated from college to become an architectural technician but continues to find it difficult to fit into a world that is ill-equipped for those with disabilities. After years of struggling to find his purpose in the architectural field, he decided to write a memoir of his life with Cerebral Palsy.

In this incredible memoir, Kyle tells a story of beating the odds, discussing his birth, childhood, education, family and friends, sports, dating, travels, faith, and amusing anecdotes.  While his story, like Kyle himself, is bigger than Cerebral Palsy, he devotes several chapters specifically to his thoughts about living with the condition, physically and emotionally. Touching, funny, and illuminating, this book provides an entertaining and valuable insight into the life of someone who lives with Cerebral Palsy, a self-portrait of one who follows his dreams, finding in himself the courage to live life to the fullest even as he continues to inspire the same spirit as others.

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