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Challenger Baseball & Sledge Hockey

HCBA- President- Mike

I have always had fantastic memories of Kyle’s involvement in HCBA. Kyle was always happy and smiling and fun to be with. He was a good team member and friend with all the players and when at-bat, running the bases or in the field, including stealing bases. Kyle put his heart into whatever he was doing.

Thanks for all the good memories Kyle, don’t ever change!

Hamilton Sledgehammers JR & “Bar-Ken” Teammate - Jacob

Kyle and I have been teammates throughout our years of playing Sledge Hockey in Juniors and Intermediate teams. We had this “unique” connection when we were playing on the same line, we were two years apart which made us didn’t play together unless I was called up to fill in or was of age to move up to the intermediate team. Even though Kyle could only use one arm and required a pusher, his talents and hockey sense were incredible.

Having Kyle as my “winger,” I always knew he had creative get-go plays to score and 99% of the time the goal has been scored. If I had been knocked down from a hit, Kyle was always there to make sure that the player gets a playback.

The most memorable story that Kyle and I will remember for the rest of our life was at the first Hamilton Sledgehammers Fundraiser and I was almost seventeen and the rookie of the team, Kyle just turned nineteen the day previous to this event. Even though I’m a year younger and underage, I bought Kyle’s “first legal” beer with help from my mom. When I handed it to him I said, “Kyle, when you are on deathbed- dying, just remember me- Jacob bought your first BEER!”

Kyle and I had lots of good memories and laughter from all of our London tournaments. Kyle always brought his devilish sense of humour and spirits to the team.

Hamilton Sledgehammers JR Teammate - Phil

When I often think back to my childhood and playing sledge hockey for the Hamilton Sledgehammers. Especially taking part in the annual London tournaments. The rivalry with Buffalo was a classic. We hated them and they hated us. We could never beat them but we were always a threat. One Friday night in London against Buffalo we trailed 2-0 going into the third period. We came out with what we called the power line. Kyle, Jacob, Jeremy, Jordan, and myself. Bang! It was 2-1. Minutes later we tied it 2-2.

Unfortunately, that was the final but it felt like a win. Kyle was always a big part of the power line, he may not have been the team’s top one scorer, but made damn sure the people who would score got the puck. A few weeks later we would beat Buffalo for the first time 3-1. That year was our last year as teammates when Kyle, Jeremy and Jordan moved up to the intermediate division as Jacob and I stayed behind as we were old enough yet. The team wasn’t the same without them.

Fast forward two years, Jacob and I followed them. However, I went to “the Score” joining Jeremy and Jordon, while Jacob reconnected with Kyle on the “Bar-Ken” team. For me, I only had one season at the intermediate level before retiring. I took a role with the Juniors helping behind the bench. But it was a completely different team. It felt like the whole competition had eased off. I wished we were all 5 years younger because we would’ve cleaned house. But really we all got split up and went our own way. Jordan started playing for Mississauga and Team Canada. We got separated fairly fast. But those memories are always still there and we hold that special brotherhood.

Hamilton “Bar-Ken” Sledgehammers Teammate- A.J.- 2005-2010

You were the best linemate I had along with my brother Dave. We made a great team with the three of us! You always kept me laughing and positive and I know Dave really appreciated that about you too. What was nice was that with a “pusher” other teams didn’t tend to pay too much attention to you . . . UNTIL YOU GOT THE PUCK . . . and then they realized their mistake then they had to really chase you.

Christy would get around others so good no one could get the puck from you. You were always laughing at them as they couldn’t beat you.

You always kept the team laughing and in good spirits even first thing in the morning when we had those early morning Sledge games.

I was really sad when I left to start the new team closer to home. I was really excited to start a new team and play closer to home, but I hurt having to leave everyone I had played with for so long. Kyle, you will always remain a good friend and I cherish all the memories we made together!

Hamilton “Bar-Ken” Sledgehammers Head Coach- Doug- 2005-2008

I first met Kyle when he was in the Junior team of Sledge Hockey. He showed up wearing a vibrant and bright smile with Mom, Dad, brother Stirling and Nonna on hand. He was very eager to play sledge hockey. Once fitted for his sledge, a family member or friend was his pusher. Kyle had used only one hand but did not take long to maneuver and make good use of his Sledge Hockey stick.

Kyle started out in the practice mode and did not take long before he was ready for competition.

Through a Recreational Program, we met several potential Sledge volunteers. Soon Kyle was hooked up with Christy, a cute young energetic blonde, full of enthusiasm and hockey skills. This was the start of a strong bond and a very strong pair on ice for the sport of Sledge Hockey.

Kyle and Cristy joined us on our Junior Sledge Hockey Team, “The Hamilton Sledgehammers.” Everybody wanted to be on Kyle’s line. We, as coaches finally figured out why- good looks and speed! They were probably the fastest Sledge Hockey pair within the League and we had to bring in rules to slow them down. What a dynamic duo!

Christy moved along, married, having a family and Kyle was in search of a replacement of which was his Father Colin and his friend Blake. Kyle would bang his stick on the ice indicating them to go faster. He was accustomed to the speed and agility of Christy. Dad did his best and the two played at a very high level of play. Colin often remarked that cutting hair was easier on the body than pushing Kyle!

Kyle developed into a mature young man with a very unique way to express himself and play the game. He had a good understanding of the game and developed his skills to be one of the most effective players within the game. He was a great ambassador for the Hamilton and District Sledge Hockey Association and represented himself and the team well.

I would like to share the following as Kyle progressed through Sledge Hockey.

We had a very successful season in the Intermediate Division and went on to play in the Ontario Finals against Whitby. Kyle’s father injured his foot in the previous game and Blake was unable to push Kyle for the final championship game. We had never seen Kyle down or without a beaming smile before and we were all saddened by his news.

I said to our Coaching Staff, that this was not going to happen, having Kyle sit out a Provincial Final- the team needed him! I sharpened up my skates and told Kyle that he was going to play, as I was going to push him. He was so excited and our team was so delighted to have Kyle in uniform.

I did my best and I certainly understood Kyle’s way of communicating, as he would bang the stick for more speed and point to where he wanted to be positioned. He never stopped banging and pointing! I was wearing down and Kyle still had that burst of energy. I was never before involved with so much hooking and slashing by a sledge player being pushed! Kyle’s teammates knew this and utilized him to distract and hold off opponents. Man, he wore me down!

Kyle and I made it through the game and we won the Provincial Championship. That was one of my high points of Sledge Hockey, having the opportunity to share the experience with a prolific Sledge Hockey Champion player and good friend, that being Kyle Scott!

Hamilton “Bar-Ken” Sledgehammers Assistant Coach- Peter- 2005-2008

Description of Kyle Scott as a sledge hockey player:

Sledge hockey players who required pushers often spent more time sitting at their bench than playing in the game because their teammates were usually more skillful however, as coaches we never hesitated to put Kyle on the ice at any given time in any given situation. Kyle was one of the most intense, aggressive and competitive Sledge Hockey players I have known. He enjoyed the game, his teammates and the life of a Sledge Hockey player. He never let the fact that he required a pusher alter or negatively impact his ability to play the game. He constantly pushed the limits of fair play by trying to convince his pusher to go faster and to areas on the ice that the rules did not allow for players who were in sledges with pushers.

Kyle did more with his one stick hand than most other players did with both hands. Including stickhandling the puck, shoot the puck, help propel his sledge and occasionally interfere or otherwise annoy opposing players without being detected by the referees. Kyle was also an astute positional player getting his pusher to move him to areas on the ice where he could either take possession of the puck for a pass or shot. He was adept at moving to areas of the ice to intercept opposing player’s passes or disrupting their offensive attacks into his defensive zone. Kyle was not known as a regular top goal scorer however, he was extremely effective at disrupting the opponent’s playmaking attempts and setting up goals. His pleasure of breaking up the opponent’s attacks was obvious as he came back to the bench for a line change with his well-known, infectious smile from ear to ear. But his smile was never bigger than when he did score a goal. What I as a coach enjoyed the most was Kyle’s anticipation of approval from his coaches. When he received it his smile got even bigger.

As coaches, it was our practice to always give encouraging comments to our players as they came back to our bench. If a teaching moment was required it was always done one-on-one and close up so it was as private as possible during the game. With Kyle, we were always positive and public with our encouraging comments so everyone could hear. Kyle’s teammates always followed with equal approval. It was always fun when Kyle was playing in the game or resting on the bench. His positivity permeated the team and was as infectious as his smile.

Hamilton “Bar-Ken” Sledgehammers Head Coach- Terry- 2009-2010

You, as a Sledge Hockey player, progressed immensely with more knowledge of the game through strong practice skills and systems being implemented.

I remember when you and other players addressed errors or systems we provided during the world Olympics. I knew we were learning as a team. I hope you felt the same way as I observed. I saw the individual and team confidence grow each week through hard work and dedication.

I hope to gain good confident hockey players and provide positive memories that you could use in daily life into your future. I thought everyone matured as individuals and hockey players. Hard work and dedication can lead to something positive in our lives. We can achieve our goals through hard work. No obstacles should stop us as a person.

What you have to understand is that it was not only challenging for the players, it was also a challenge for me as a coach and matured as a person too. I have the team to thank and met the best people that I will never forget . . .

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